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I do a 3D pen review

For new designers or professional designers there is a solution for all in this age of technology. Till now considered difficult to design 3d objects will no longer be difficult and time-consuming. And the solution is a 3d pen.

I do a 3D pen review

There will be easy to use a slick pen, easy to use, more user-friendly interface, that can handle most complex 3d designs within your fingers.

I do a 3D pen review

This 3d pen is one of a kind which can create 3d designs physically as well as in air and in interfaces such as 3d max software with connecting pen over the air to PC or Mobile. The 3d pen works by extruding heated plastic and by virtual interface plugin o be installed in 3d max.


Safe to use- designed with all safety standards and ultra-soft plastic maintaining safety and durability of the product

Easy to handle- aesthetically as well as very easy to hold and easy swift movements possible.

Modular Tip- With modular tip makes this product unique from the rest of products in the market. You can easily switch between plastic extrusion tip and virtual space tip in a matter of seconds.

Long lasting battery- fast charging and long-lasting battery of this pen provide a hassle-free experience to the customer without worrying

One button operation- this innovative feature provides you experience at just one fingertip.

Intelligent heating solution- Intelligent cooling and efficient heat management is what any smart product demands and with this pen you get the exact solution that customers demand.

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I do a 3D pen review

#01-AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen for 3D Modeling, Education, PLA Filament Support, bright OLED-Display

#02-3D Printing Pen, Parner Professional 3D Drawing Pen with Led Display, Packed 12 Color PLA Filament Refills, Safe and Easy to Use 3D Writing Pens for Kids and Adults

#03-MagicBiu 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills 3D Drawing Printing Printer Pen Bonus 6 Colors 60 Feet PLA Stencil for Kids and Adults Arts Crafts Model DIY, Compatible with PLA Non-Clogging

This 3d pen was designed by considering and targeting use by children’s as well as adults to bring creativity and imagination into reality.

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As a final verdict we can recommend this innovative and versatile pen to any hobbyist and professional who consider ease of use, flexible interface, long lasting battery and moderate cost. we can rate this product 9 out of 10.

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