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10 Best 3D Printing Pen For Kids 2020

Best 3D Printing Pen For Kids 2020: 3D printing is a technique of making three dimensional solid objects by successive layers of material. We can manufacture complex shaped products with lesser material.The 3D pen is an interesting product of 3D printing.

Best 3D printing Pen for kids

3D printing pens have made everyone crazy from a child to a professional artist with its extraordinary feature. It brings fun at the workplace, inspires to get more creative and helps in learning.

3D pens are an amazing invention that serves a unique creative tool for kids. 3D pens are used by artists, craft hobbyists, and children to create amazing three-dimensional objects. It’s fun playing with 3D pens for kids.

There are four types of 3D Pens kids can use:

  1. FDM – Suitable for: Older Kids and Teen. This type of pens is not safe for children under the age of 8. This is the only type of 3D pen where we can draw a completely vertical line, i.e. a real 3D pen.
  2. Low Temperature — Suitable for Younger Children. Has the same technology as FDM but uses a different type of plastic having a lower melting temperature. These pens are completely child safe.
  3. Cool Ink with Inner UV — Suitable for Children of all Ages. Liquid plastic is fed through the pen’s nozzle at the end of the pen which solidifies the liquid ink using UV light. The Creopop Cool 3D printing pen included in this type.
  4. Cool Ink with External UV — Suitable for Young Children. This type of 3D pen also employs a cool ink process, only the other UV chamber is used to treat ink.
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As 3D pens work with the heat, they may be hazardous to children. Hence some 3D pens are made with a safety feature to keep children safe from hazard.

Best 3D printing Pen for kids

#01 – 3Doodler Create+

3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators! - Quartz Grey (2019 Model) - with Free Refill Filaments + Stencil Book + Getting Started Guide
  • 【ALL NEW DUAL DRIVE TECHNOLOGY】: The world's first in a 3D printing device. Featuring improved power, durability, and reliability for a superior doodling experience.
  • 【HIGHEST QUALITY & SAFEST MATERIAL】: Compatible only with 3Doodler non-toxic plastic, ABS, FLEXY and wood plastics, Made in the USA, UK & Spain, and available in over 70 colors.
  • 【EASY TO USE】: Just Plug the 3D Pen in, insert Plastic, Wait for the 3D Pen to heat up and then you're good to extrude!
  • 【FREE 15 COLORS OF PLASTIC REFILLS AND STENCIL BOOK】: This 3D Pen comes packed with 15 colors of Plastic refills and a comprehensive activity guide book. The 3D Printing pen is compatible with 3mm PLA, ABS and Flexy Plastic.
  • 【 & SATISFACTION 】: We deliver on our promises and our awesome customer service team is here to help should you have questions about your 3Doodler, or any other issues you may have. Contact us on [email protected]

#02 – Canbor 3D Pen

Canbor 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills, 3D Printing Drawing Printer Pen for Kids and Adults, Compatible with PLA ABS Filament, 12 Colors 120 Feet PLA Filaments Included, Light Blue
  • Great Gifts for Kids and Adults: Canbor 3d printing pen is the perfect gift for children. It helps improve their spatial thinking ability and encourages their creative imaginations. Creating premium time and colorful world for family together. With ergonomic pen design, it will be easy for your kids to hold
  • LED Display Screen: LED screen can control the temperature at ease and freely switch filament type, which shows accurate melting levels. Side buttons on 3d pen control real time temperature. Compatible with 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament. Packaged with 12 colors PLA filaments is the recommended, non-toxic and eco-friendly option
  • Easy to Operate and Use Safely: Nozzle patent and heat dissipation design offers scald prevention. Using the latest technology, the filament is heated through pen body, cooled down, no clog and smooth doodling creates custom 3d objects. Ultra quiet drawing is perfect for multi-layer artwork. SAFETY- This pen automatically shuts down after 5 minutes of not being used
  • Advanced Intelligent Chip: Fast setup in just 30 seconds allows you to begin drawing and creating quickly. Upward or backward filament stably. Easy control temperature and continuous speed control. You can adjust the temperature by yourself. Govern the filament speed via side speed buttons
  • No Risk Purchase: High quality 3D pen and friendly customer service. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help. We will offer you solution within 24 hours. Add it to the cart, and open a new palace of drawing for you and your children

#03 – Sunlu 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen, SUNLU 3D Pen with PLA/ABS/PCL Filament Supported,OLED Display,for Kids and Adults, 3D Modeling, Art Design - Black
  • 3 FILAMENTS SUPPORTED - Capable of using PCL(50-60℃), PLA(160-180℃) and ABS(180-210℃) filaments refill, and filaments diameter 1.75±0.02 mm. This gives you free to choose material you'd prefer.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE DESIGN - With patented ceramic nozzle and adjustable temperature design, this 3D pen is extraordinarily friendly and safe while drawing. Also it provides accurate and stable extruding.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS&ADULTS-This 3D pen provide ultimate and limitless creativity. It's not only for 5 years and above kids, but also a great interesting tool and gift for adults. Use it to sketch, print or doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces.
  • OLED DISPLAY - The OLED display will not only show the types of material you're using(ABS or PLA or PCL), but also will display the temperature. So it becomes easy and convenient for you to get control of this 3D pen.
  • MUCH SAFER - It comes with 2 finger protectors to cover your thumb and index finger to avoid hurting during use. Since the tip of the pen will become hot while the pen's working, it's required children should use this pen under adults supervision.

#04 – Parner 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen, Parner Professional 3D Drawing Pen with Led Display, Packed 12 Color PLA Filament Refills, Safe and Easy to Use 3D Writing Pens for Kids and Adults
  • Simple and Safe to Use: With the upgraded function, the 3D pen only need one button to load filament and one button to upload filament automatically, very easy for kids to use and relax their fingers. Automatic shut-off after few minutes of non-use for your safety.
  • Adjustable Temperature & Speed: Adjustable three printing temperature and speed modes, low speed(5-1), medium speed(5-2), high speed(5-3). You can choose the appropriate mode according to painting proficiency. Advanced LCD screen clearly display the corresponding speed.
  • Bonus You Will Get: Our 3D doodler pen compatible with 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament. We provided 12 different colors of PLA filament refills, each color 10 ft.Please do not use other manufacturers' consumables, so as not to cause incompatibility .
  • USB port power supply: The Parner 3D pen can be charged by mobile power bank, computer, laptop, make it more convenient for you to drawing indoor and outdoor. (Make sure the current is 5V/2A)
  • Best Gift & Customer Service: Want to spend a quality time with your kids? This is a perfect gift choice. Let our 3D printing pen helps your children to improve spatial thinking, cultivate creation and artistic skills.Please buy with 100% confidence.

#05 – KT-PRASE Portable 3D Printer Drawing Pen

KT-PRASE 3D Pen for Kids ,Newest 3D Printing Pen Compatible ABS PLA Filament, Portable 3D Printer Drawing Pen LCD Screen Supports Mobile Power
  • SUPPORTS MOBILE POWER-This 3D pen supports mobile power supply, anywhere can use mobile power, more secure, more convenient, and sometimes you want to use the pen, but can not find the power outlet, this time you can use mobile power supply, At any time you can carry out your creation
  • PLA/ABS FILAMENT- This 3D printing pen is capable of using 1.75mm PLA and ABS filame, PLA Filament is non-toxic and odorless,safer ,and tend to be widely-used filaments.Please do not use with PCL filament.
  • CONTROL SPEED-Printing speed: 0-120cm / min,This 3D printing pen is light and slim, easier to handle. you can crank up the extrusion speed for larger fill in areas and turn it down slow to create intricate works of art Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material,So that the operation more stable and more convenient
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE- Working temperature,60-245¡æ,This 3D printing pen has hot melt extrusion molding and allows you to easily adjust the temperature in one degree increments from 60C to 245 ¡æ. You can keep track of the current temperature by looking at the convenient OLED display for optimal fine-tuning.
  • EASIEST 3D PRINTER PEN - ONE BUTTON CONTROLS EVERYTHING, Ergonomically designed 3D drawing pen is easiest to handle, and simplest to operate, making designing brilliant 3d art childs play! Simply pick it up, click the button.Ceramic nozzle releases filament exactly where you want it. Then click it again to pause! the system automatically standby, if no operation within 2 minutes, the system automatically sleep, so more secure and convenient!

#06 – XYZprinting da Vinci 3D Pen

#07 – AIO Robotics 3D Pen

AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen for 3D Modeling, Education, PLA Filament Support, bright OLED-Display
  • Design and 3D print astonishing three-dimensional art objects in high precision!
  • Adjust material flow speed to your individual preference while crafting
  • Control the temperature in 1 degree increments to adjust for PLA variety.
  • Extra-bright OLED display allows you to monitor flow speed and temperature of material
  • Package includes slim, ergonomic touch pen, 2 colors of PLA plastic filament, manual, cable and A/C adapter

#08 – Sunveza 3D Pen

#09 – GENESIS 3D Printing Pen

Genesis 3D Printing Pen - Supports PCL and PLA Filaments, Easy to Use and Operate
  • UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY AND ARTISTIC SKILLS - Lasso Labs Genesis 3D Pen allows you to express your creativity and make your ideas come to life. If you are fond of creating things or you simply want to enjoy a unique hobby, then this 3D Pen is an absolute must-have. It does not only provide an enjoyable activity, but it also helps improve spatial thinking and cultivate artistic skills.
  • ENJOY A CREATIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE - With the Genesis 3D Pen, you can create several art objects and be innovative and functional. You also get to try new art techniques. The possibilities are endless! You don't even have to be an artist or an expert right away. All you need are the drive to start a project and the time to practice, plus your 3D Pen, and you will be surprised with what you can create.
  • SUPPORTS PCL AND PLA FILAMENTS FOR MORE FLEXIBILITY - PCL filament provides excellent impact strength and durability which is best for your high-impact projects. It is also a low-temperature material which is safer for kids to use. PLA filament, on the other hand, is the most popular material used in 3D printing. It comes in many shades and styles so it's ideal for a wide range of applications. It's easy to use and also aesthetically pleasing.
  • COVERED BY OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY - Have your peace of mind when you purchase from us. You're in good hands with our no-risk, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee and Top-Rated customer service. We don't just do business with you; we also genuinely care.
  • USER-FRIENDLY AND EASY TO OPERATE - Start by connecting the 3D Pen to the power supply and turning it on. Then you can select the filament you want to print with. Wait a moment for the pen to heat up and once the indicator turns green, you're ready to use your 3D Pen. It's suitable for both beginners and experts, and for sure, you'll never run out of project ideas! There's a user manual included in the package for your easy reference. It also comes with a replaceable nozzle so it's easy to maint

#10 – Creopop 3D Pen

3D Pen, CreoPop Professional 3D Printer Pen with Innovative Cool Inks, Safety Proven, 100% Free Form, No Heat, No Clogging, 3 Refills Inside - Perfect Gift for Kids,Teens, Adults
  • THE SAFEST 3D PEN: Non-toxic, no UV, CreoPoP's ink is cool to the touch so there are no hot parts, no bad smell and no melting plastic. Unlike thermoplastic 3D pens, you don't need to worry about causing any serious burns with CreoPoP. UV-ight is absolutely safe for your eyes.
  • FREESTYLE 3D DRAWING: With CreoPop, you create your own unique. designs, in different shapes and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style.
  • EASY TO USE: CreoPoP 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of ink for precision crafting and art. Just press the button, wait at least 20 seconds and start drawing. Cartridges can be easily changed to allow you to create complex designs.
  • KIDS AND ADULTS WILL LOVE OUR CREOPOP: Whether you're an experienced artist, novice crafter, or exited hobbyist, our CreoPoP 3D Pen is great for people of all ages. The best toy for girls and boys, and a great present for men and women who love tech or artsy toys, this is one pen you absolutely need.
  • WORLDWIDE WARRANTY AND SUPPORT: 12 Months warranty and online support, address your queries to [email protected]


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Here are some categories one should evaluate while selecting 3d printing pens -Ergonomics, Durability, Weight and size, Speed Control, Safety for Kids which includes the type of Plastic, extruder temperature, cordless plugins Power Source, etc.

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3Doodler Start,  MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen, Scribbler 3D Pen V3, Soyan 3D Pen are some popular 3D pens for kids.

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